Sex and birth theory



Please give  publicity to this theory through your face book to save man from this danger.

If the world can prove that I am a liar then  I willingly under go any punishment they give me .

                          (New questions may be entered to the questionnaire later)

There are many discoveries in the world by now. But some of the discoveries had become completely controversial to the beliefs in those ages. As a result of that the ones who had done those discoveries were subjected to insult, harsh utterances, torture, ill fame, imprisonment both in the lunatic asylum and the prison and capital punishment.

    The discovery I have made is the most controversial of all the discoveries that have been made so far and ever to be made in the future. And also it is a type of discovery which is related to all the sex born animals including man and affective to all human beliefs, social, cultural and religious back ground. Therefore, I can`t expect anything better suffered by the unfortunate scientists.

    I didn`t build this theory. But it built it self step by step over a period of 15 years with the facts I gathered. I did only fitting facts together. I`m sure If you had had the facts I had You could have built this theory it self within one or two years.

I think you didn`t have the chance of collecting information that I had as you are not so unfortunate as to be subjected to insult that I may have to wait for. But forgetting such harsh utterances, I determined to forward this theory to the world in the hope of rescuing the sex born animals from their destiny with the help of the literate.

I try to keep the sex born animals without going to extinction not because I like the eternal human problems that are not prevailing on unmanned planets, but if the sex born animals get lost from the world, the mother nature will drag us all again from the very start of the evolution of sex through various stages of it, over a period of millions of years along the very gruesome path of innumerable painful experience to the present stage of evolution where we are now.

As I have seen the grievances suffered by creatures through my theory, no one should be ready to experience such harsh suffering again.

Such unbearably painful past experiences have embedded in the genes of everyone. If you are so clever as to tap such experience, you can do it through parapsychology, parazoology or through supper human powers like Edgar keisy had practised.

But as most of us are not so cute, we have to understand it by looking at animal suffering in the lawless forest.

Though I forward you what I see through my theory, I can`t change the destiny of the sex born animals alone without the help of the majority. Therefore I present this theory to you. Perhaps educated contemporaries of me may not like this theory. But if the majority read talk, discuss and criticize this, it will be very helpful to build a social norm about the theory. Sometimes a spontaneous scornful smile may appear at the end of lips of some people as they are very clever at building any theory to solve any un understandable mystery. I think those are the people that should be consulted to build a new theory if my theory is wrong.

In some educational exhibitions there are chambers or programmes to educate people on sexual transmitted diseases. Those medical people carry out such programmes not as they love such things but protect people from diseases.

In the same manner, the doctors in the maternity homes have to deal with the secret place of the wives of other people not as they love to do so but to save the lives of both the mother and the baby.

I too have forwarded a questionnaire as the pre introduction of my theory.

In the point of view of our cultures, you will see that questionnaire and the related article like a stream of dirty water that runs through a public swage system.

But I am unable to forward my theory without such an introductory questionnaire.

I had to introduce my theory to you to show you the illusion we are in and show the truth in true nature and with the intention of saving the sex born animal kind from their untimely death.

So, if my theory is false break it and forward the real one. Because we can`t reject or ignore the truth.

    If we compare the period of sex born time range to one year, the age of human culture is less than a few minutes.

We don`t see the steps of robot manufacture as a filthy work or some task that should be done in a hidden place. The robots too see the every stage of sex born animal production in a similar manner. The difference has been made by our cultures. So, to see some thing in that affected manner is looking at some thing through curtains. Then we can`t see the real nature of anything. So, thinking your self as a robot start reading this article which shows you the preventable destiny of the sex born animals. If not various frames that have blinded us from seeing the real world, will prevent you getting at the message I mean to give you and compel you to attack me when you see the theory through such dark tinted glasses.

This theory is open to all over 15 years of age. Therefore you can talk, discuss, forward ideas, argue and criticize. Not only you have the right and the duty of doing so but also the right of forwarding better theories on the subject. If some one finds the real theory, it will be the greatest strength to the future journey of humans.And also it will be the monitoring light of the human race.

Every educated person in the world is in the belief that knowing the history of a particular country is very helpful to the development of that country. But no one talks of the importance of knowing or exploring the origin of sexual birth system that humans too belong.

Not only that some people who haven`t good knowledge in any field talk, discuss, argue and preach that sexual activities should be held within strong religious, cultural, ethical and legal frame and the culprits should be punished. Have those preaching people done so, when they were in their youth. Or are they ready to prove their chastity if demanded. Is it correct to curb the ways of mother without knowing the origin of it and the may be bad effects of it, if monitored by none agents of creator.

The biggest obstruct to carry out such experiments or surveys in our country is our culture. That section is prohibited in our country. The word Sex is a banned word. An unmarried person who doesn`t like abnormal sexual pleasure, having sex with a similar person in the opposite sex or going to a prostitute is a sin. Most idiots think that only the married people have the right of having sex and unmarried people, divorcees, people who have broken away from their male or female partners though they are not divorced yet, have no right of getting their feelings satisfied. Is it abnormal sexuality that they should engaged in according to the preachers` favorite game.

Most people are in the assumption that nature has granted us sexuality for the reproduction activity and sexual pleasure is a fee to motivate us for it.

They are hundred percent sure of it, and haven`t any sort of doubt of it. But I began to doubt it when my family life started becoming upset. After that I commenced looking at sex and birth through various angles.

As I understood, every sex born animal likes to have more privilege to him/or ser self on sex related matters but is full of jealousy to grant that privilege to his or her partner. Most of the marriages in the world get broken due to the fact that either one of the couple enjoys more privilege than the other and refuses the other the same privilege.

Even among dogs and other animals we can see the same jealousy leading them to fight among themselves forgetting their team spirit. No animal including man, even the ones that have no chance of engaging in such activities due to religious or cultural matters or ones who are too weak in sexual strength due to various facts or old age, except a very few with supper brain powers who do sand paper meditation honestly or some who engage in laborious educational work or scientific experiments, can escape or suppress that jealousy.

So, why do animals become jealous, if sexuality is for reproduction activity.

Among humans various sexual activities that don`t support reproduction take place. Some people engage in natural sexual activities curbing reproduction. If sexuality originated for reproduction how can it be.

There are many well educated people in our country. But they did not start exploring this section as they know better than I do that they would be treated with generous quantity of mocking, blames and insults if they did so.

Most of the scientists were people who had spent family life too. But to err or to be precise, they too did not forward a theory due to religious background, might be ill fame in the society and as they too did not have enough interest in it.

Now let`s go to the topic directly. I have collected a lot of facts to prove my theory. But here I point out only a few to you. First the following questionnaire will give you a glimpse of my theory. Please remove all your blinds and see the theory through your intelligence.


*According to my theory all the sex born animals are destined to die out from the world completely one day. But if we act wisely we can survive. And also we can rescue most of the animal life too.

*My theory answers the following questions.

*See how many of them can you answer without a proper theory.
 To see the answers and the full theory be in touch with the theory.
  1. Who was born first,

*the male?


*the female?

Answer-           It was the female who was born first !

  1. Why did one creature become

*a male

(and another)

*a female?

  1. Did one creature become

*a female to be the mother of some                offspring

*and another become a male to be the              father of them?

  1. Did some primitive creatures get together and plan their future generation?
  2. What is the natural law or the principle used by some creatures to form their male organ?
  3. What is the law or method that females used to form their female organ?
  4. Had the females seen or touched the male organ and form their own female organ to suit the shape and the size of the male organ or vise versa.
  5. Had the males and females got ready with correct size mating organs, sperm and ova before mating for the purpose of reproduction?
  6. Had the pre sexual creatures known that the penis was the best organ to insert sperm in to the body of the female?
  7. If one creature could form ova, why couldn`t that creature form sperm too for it self and do the reproduction without discussing with any other creature to do the father`s work?
  8. Had the primitive creatures known that the out siders` sperm was better than what they could produce in themselves?
  9. Had the primitive creatures that were before sexual reproduction known, that by making a prong like projection and by thrusting it in to the body of another, it could make a female organ and when pump     in ready made sperm in to the female organ that the   receiver would understand their purpose and produce offspring?
  10. Did the two organs (male and Female) originate,

*at the same time on the same principle,

*or at the same time on two principles,

*or at two times on the same principle,

*or at two times on two separate principles?

  1. If so, what is that

*time and principle


*what are those times and principles?

  1. If the female organ had originated first, what was the reason for that?
  2. If the male organ originated first what was the reason for that?
  3. If both the organs originated at the same time, what`s

*the natural


*the animal agreement to happen so.

  1. Before any animal in the animal kingdom had the first experience in the pleasure of ejaculation, had some second sighted creatures known, that by forming a penis and pushing it in to the body of   another and by passing out ready made sexual fluid     in to the forcibly made female organ, they could    experience some pleasure?
  2. Had the males produced sperm before they developed their male organ,

* then what`s the use of sperm without a male              organ?

  1. Had they produced male organ before they developed sperm?

*then what is the use of the male organ without               sperm?

  1. If not had the males produced both the male organ and sperm at the same time?

*then explain the reasons and the way it happened            so?

  1. What originated first,

* is it the female organ?



  1. If the female organ originated first, what is the use of a female organ without ova, if sex was for reproduction.
  2. If ova originated first, why did it happen so?
  3. If both of them originated at the same time how did it happen so?
  4. What Was there first,

*sexual fluid


*real sperm?

  1. what kind of motive power motivated the animals for reproduction?
  2. Did both the male and the female get that motive power

*at the same time,


*at two times?

  1. If any one got that power first, who was that?
  2. Why did one get it first before the other?
  3. How did passing out sexual fluid become a pleasure?
  4. Through what kind of emotional mood did pleasure of orgasm get stereotyped in our genes.
  5. As a male, how do you feel the pleasure of orgasm, *is it when you pass sperm,


*when you pass sexual fluid.

  1. If you can feel pleasure even if you pass only the fluid without sperm, how can you say that sexual pleasure is a gift for participating reproduction activity?
  2. As it was very risky to approach a female at the primary stage of revolution,

* how did the sexual intercourse take place?

* how did the male get pleasure approaching the                mouth of the she devil?

  1. In an age of approaching females is not risky at all, even the so intelligent humans too engage in sexual activity seeking only pleasure using birth control systems,

*What was the need for the weak brained creatures   to approach dangerous females for the purpose of        reproduction.

* Were they so super minded than humans?

  1. What was the necessity of the primary creatures to have sex with vampire females?,

*Is it to have the generation


*to experience the pleasure of intercourse?


*is it some kind of slavery which got               stereotyped at the beginning of the sexual      reproduction.

  1. What were there first

*the sex organs,


*mouth and anal waste disposal system?

  1. If there were mouth and anal waste disposal system first, why did some creatures in that time not use that system to remove liquid waste matter too   through that?
  2. Why did only males choose to urinate through their male organ?

(Females urinate through a cavity just above the vulva.)

  1. Then why don`t males urinate through a cavity just below or above the male organ?
  2. In the ancient times why were

* females bigger than males?                        * Even today some primitive females are bigger        than males.

  1. Had the primitive creatures known that the bigger ones were good for mother hood and the smaller ones were good for father hood?
  2. Why did the bigger ones become females and the smaller ones become males in the primitive stage?
  3. Later how did it become that the females were smaller and males were bigger?
  4. Who should be stronger to do either a rape or a hunt

* the predator,


*the prey?

  1. What is the different between the rape and the hunt?


  1. There had been two laws in the lawless jungle and the lawless primitive revolutionary period.

Can you guess which is which?

* hunting and offering to be hunted.

* hunting and being hunted.

* happen to hunt unwillingly and offering to be              hunted by force.

  1. If we offer food to predators curbing out their necessity for hunting for millions of years, what will happen to the hunting skill and ability of the       offspring of those animals after a lap of a few    million years.
  2. If mating started in a friendly manner why do some females tend to eat its male partners

*just before,


*fter mating?

  1. Why do males not compel to eat their female partners

*just after


*before mating?

  1. Is it because males lose appetite after sexual intercourse?
  2. Then why don`t females lose their appetite after mating?
  3. As reaching females was risky, how did primitive creatures developed pleasure having sex with a devil woman?
  4. If the primitive females had experienced any kind of sexual pleasure would they have compelled to eat their male partners alive?
  5. Why did females hope to become mothers.
  6. Why has mother nature not given an inevitable sexual pleasure to the most responsible females in the reproduction activity and given it to the            least responsible males?
  7. Is it enough for females to be given hundred times more sexual pleasure than to males compared with the labor they take and pain they suffer while delivering a baby and looking after it?
  8. Is sexual pleasure

*an earned pleasure

*or granted pleasure

for participating reproduction activity.

  1. If it is an earned pleasure,by whom was it earned

*by male,

*by female,

*by both?

  1. Let it be an earned or granted one, but in which manner it came to exist?
  2. Was the pleasure of orgasm gained by both the male and the female

*at the same time


*at two different times?

  1. Who must have got it first?



  1. Why are most of the primitive females and many other females not so interested in mating like males?
  2. If they are not so interested in mating how and why did they form their female organ?
  3. Why did all of the most primitive creatures become bisexual?
  4. Why do females have a dormant male organ?
  5. *When males feel the pleasure of orgasm at the tip of the male organ,

*why do females not feel that pleasure at the                bottom of their female organ?

  1. When females need sex alone or with some body else, Why do they titillate their dormant male organ instead of their original female organ?
  2. When do females come to orgasm,

*is it when their clitoris gets titillated


*when the inside of their female organ gets             titillated?

  1. Why does it happen so?
  2. Why is the female`s sexual sensitive place situated out side the female organ?
  3. Is it located in that manner to compel her to become pregnant?
  4. Is it to facilitate her to engage in masturbation when there is no one else near to mate with her.
  5. Should`nt it be located inside the female organ to compel her for pregnancy.
  6. Why mother nature has placed the sexual sensitivity in a wrong place in females and    pleasure in a wrong manner in males? So, using   various abnormal ways humans cheat mother nature.
  7. So, will they go to



*space age by cheating mother nature (god)


*extinction by following the methods of             which the consequences are unknown to                 humans yet?

  1. Do you know what kind of pleasure you feel as a female when you receive the male partner`s sexual fluid in to your female organ?

79.Why do males urinate before mating and females   after mating?

  1. Why do females lose their ability of mating in the middle age and males keep their ability until they become very old?
  2. When the females are old and unable to bear a child, why did mother nature not given a chance of having sexual pleasure until she lives as the pension allowance?
  3. Why do some animals have a lot of offspring and some others have one or two at a time?
  4. Were the sperm and the ova produced

*for the same purpose,


*for separate purposes?

  1. Did the male creature produce sperm according to the format given by the female?
  2. Or else did the female produce ova according to the males instructions?
  3. How did the correspondence take place between them to match sperm and ova precisely.
  4. Can their be any sort of communication between two unborn things or creatures.
  5. When in the present age of science and technology, when even the genealogists can`t produce completely new species of animals except joining parts of prevailing genes, how can we believe that   there had been any kind of communication among     very     primitive animalcules to produce a new species of     animals, in an age of only the touch sensory was    possible?
  6. If it is so, can they have been produced or have produced by them selves for the purpose of reproduction?
  7. Can they have been produced at the same time?
  8. What is likely to die first,

*the first born thing


*the second born thing.

  1. Why is the male becoming sterile earlier than the female?

(in other words; why  there are more   sterile                                males than sterile females?)

  1. Did both of the male and the female participate in sex together willingly?
  2. Did one of them rape the other?
  3. Who did it, male or the female?
  4. Why did it do so?

*for reproduction,

*for pleasure,


*for some other reason.

  1. Did the intruder kill the victim after raping?
  2. Did the victim die while in the grip of rape?


  1. What was produced first,




  1. Were they produced at the same time?
  2. Why did sperm originate?
  3. Why did ova originate?
  4. If the vulva is for receiving sperm, why does the most part of sperm get squeezed out from the vulva         of human females as water falls out from the mouth      of a dying animal.

104.Why are ovaries situated out side the fallopian tubes in humans?

  1. Why are fallopian tubes not closed at the end tips in humans?
  2. If ovaries were at the beginning of sex, why are they not situated some where inside the womb or    inside the fallopian tubes which should have been   closed at the end tips?
  3. Did the sexuality originate

*for the purpose of reproduction,

*or for some other purpose?

  1. Why do some

*males become females,

*females become males after birth?

How has it become possible?

  1. If the sexuality originated for the purpose of reproduction why do people use birth control             methods?
  2. If the pleasure of orgasm were a gift for participating the reproduction activity why and     how do males and females get that pleasure in   abnormal ways?
  3. Why do some males and females deviate from the primitive stream of hetero sexuality and become homosexuals and self satisfiers (masturbators)?
  4. If we throw a stone will it travel endlessly or  fall to the earth at the end of its speed?
  5. If we want to keep that stone in the sky for some time more what should we do?
  6. In the same way, if sperm and ova had originated for some other purpose than producing offspring, and reproduction were a by product will the   sperm and ova reproduce offspring endlessly unless   they are being kept motivated continuously on the     principle of their origin?.
  7. But if we do not know how and why sperm and ova originated can we motivate them correctly?
  8. What should we do if we want to prolong the fertility of sperm and ova?

117.Was there a practice called abnormal sexuality at    the beginning of the sexual reproduction.

  1. If we carry on world wide surveys for several  centuries continuously, what do you think,

*will there be an increase,


*a decrease,


*will it be the same

the number of deviates from the main   course of heterosexuality?

  1. If there is an increase in deviates continuously, can`t you sense any danger for human existence?
  2. Will there be

*an increase,



of females that have blockages in their    fallopian tubes.

  1. *Are the blockages in the fallopian tubes a new tendency,


*something that come from  start of the     primitive sexual reproduction age.

  1. Is it a benefactor or a hostility to the existence of humans.
  2. If the percentage of fertility of females falls down annually, what can you guess of the                  continuation of the human race?
  3. If the percentage of fertility of males drops down continuously, what will happen in the future?
  4. Will the number of mothers who have twin or poly babies




*be the same

in the future?

  1. At the beginning of the sexual reproduction, what do you think,

*were there mothers of single babies


*multi babies.

  1. Now what is happening to the blue whale population?

*How many times do they engage in sexual                exercise per year?


*How many babies do they get at a time?

  1. Will the number of eunuchs




*be the same in the future?

(Now we use birth control methods)

  1. Won`t we have to stop and take birth motivating methods from the birth.
  2. Who have more offspring at a time,

*is it animals with a menstruation system


*without a menstruation system.

  1. Is the menstruation system

*helpful to the existence of the human race


*is it a feature that is emerging                   against the survival?

  1. Was there something called menstruation at the beginning?
  2. What is the purpose of the menstruation system?
  3. How long will the mother nature give human females chance to have sex and offspring.
  4. Why do girls have a hymen?
  5. Do all the female creatures in the animal kingdom have hymen?
  6. Will it become




in the future?

  1. Is that blockage to prevent her from engaging in sexual activity until she becomes mature enough to bear a child?
  2. If so, why does that hymen not wear out when she becomes an adult?
  3. As the real purpose of mating is not achieved by females now, can`t it be a red light lit against the existence of the relevant animals?
  4. If sperm is for reproduction, when sperm enters the womb why does an ovum not come to meet sperm?
  5. Why does an ovum released once a lunar month in humans not depending on the arrival of sperm?
  6. What is the use of releasing an ovum without having sex with a male?
  7. If sex is for reproduction, how can it be?
  8. Why is there a barrier at the entrance of the womb to minimize the entering of sperm.
  9. By now how many barriers are there against sperm and birth in human females?
  10. Imagine that scientists were able to have human copies successfully, but what would happen if a world war broke out and most of our labs got destroyed?

Or by taking copies from copies without     motivating the genes in natural way, will the power of the genes last forever to do reproduction?


  1. Who has mother`s love more within one self,

*mammal mother


*none mammal mother.

  1. Did the vagina and the mouth offered,

*the same service


*two different services?

  1. Why do females have breast?
  2. What is the first teat/nipple in the animal kingdom?
  3. What must have been the first task of the mouth?

*is it sucking,



  1. Who got the first mouth in the animal kingdom?

*is it male,



  1. Who got the first teat in the animal kingdom,



  1. *Is the mother teat mother made or baby made?

*Who gets the fluid?

*Who gets the sexual pleasure most?

*Is the mother teat not originated through vacuum                medium?

  1. *As the mother`s teat is baby made and when the baby doesn`t sucks her milk,

*hasn`t mother the right of making another baby suck     her milk to get rid of her tight.

*Do some mothers not do so?

  1. *Is the male organ male made or female made?

*Who gets the fluid?

*Who gets the inevitable sexual pleasure?

*Has male organ not originated through vacuum medium?

*If one day, the male organ is proved to be made by           females by force; then won`t the males not have the right of getting rid of his tight through a female even by   force?

  1. Had the mouth and the female organ originally worked     *on the same principal


*on two different principals.

  1. What must have been the first task of the mouth?

*is it sucking,



  1. Out of the following organs, what do you think, could have exerted or can exert some vacuum power on something?



*male organ

*female organ



  1. Out of the following organs, what do you think, that may be pulled into a vacuum easily?

*female organ





*male organ

  1. Out of the following organs, what do you think, can/or could perform its duty better inside a vacuum?

*eye         *mouth

*ear         *male organ

*nose        *breast

*anus        *female organ

  1. How many of the following does the female have,

*substitute female organs,

*nonrelated substitute female organs,

*dormant male organs,

*substitute male organs,

*nonrelated substitute male organs?

  1. How many of the following does the male have,

*dormant and substitute male organs,

*nonrelated substitute male organs,

*substitute female organs,

*nonrelated substitute female organs?

  1. Who has more sexual organs in the body, is it male or female?
  2. What kind of more sexual organs either the male or the female have in the body?

*Is it male organs?


*female organs?

  1. How many sexual organs are located in the body of  both the male and the female?
  2. What is the most correct utterance about the female organ,

* a battle ground,

* a toothless mouth of a dying predator,

* a grave yard,

* a honey pot?

  1. If all the above utterances are correct, can you arrange them according to the correct order of  the evolution of the female organ.

(Have I uttered filthy words?)

  1. Which one of the simile was uttered by Lord Buddha about the female organ according to his doctrine,

* a very comely thing,

* a honey pot,

* a thing that should be preyed for by doing                 meritorious  actions,

* the mouth of a serpent?

(If I have uttered filthy words, what can you say        about Lord Buddha`s utterance.)

  1. What can you say about the life span of an animal that could suck its food earlier and later it loses not only that ability but also the ability of swallowing what is fed and also spills the food that is fed, from the mouth.
  2. What must have been the first duty of the female organ?

*is it sucking,

*being made to drink,

*getting spilt what is made to drink,


  1. Do you think that the task of the female organ descended from the start of the sexual birth to the        present time without any change?
  2. Why do we have to suck some thing?

*is it when there is some resistant,


*no resistant at all,

  1. What is the deteriorated organ when compared with the primary task of the female organ and the mouth.
  2. When compared with the primary task of both the female organ and the mouth, what is the greatest disadvantage of the deteriorated organ?
  3. Who needs more weapons,

*is it soldiers that fight in the open ground with ambush fighters?


*fighters who are in a fortified fortress   and do seldom attack   through a small tunnel as the former practice can`t be stopped suddenly.

  1. Who should be more powerful in strength and tactics,

*is it the predator


*the prey?

  1. According to my theory, at the start of the sexual hunting the females were bigger and more powerful than males. But later gradually the females     started becoming smaller and powerless against     males.

*Why did it happen    so?

  1. The number of minimum persons that a mother of three babies must have had sex with-(1/2/3/4/5) what is the correct answer?
  2. During the wedded life who engage in sexual  activity most,

*is it ,



  1. Why do males rape females?
  2. When there is no one to help the heterosexual man to get rid of his troublesome sexual fluid in natural way, he tends to get it done in socially       illegal way. Then it is a rape.
  3. When the baby doesn`t suck milk from mother`s tightly succulent breast, mother compels to make another`s baby to suck her breast to get rid of her tightness. Then why is it not a rape?
  4. In a female rape case who are the main culprit or culprits?
  5. Who should be punished when a rape case takes place?

187.In the payment of a ransom, who should be   punished,

*Is it the robber,


*the innocent payer.

  1. What are the social, economical, legal, religious, cultural, ethical and strategic steps to prevent    female rapes?

(Psychologists have pointed out that when babies suck milk,                  mothers feel some kind of sexual pleasure.)

  1. Is it a lie or a truth?
  2. If it is true, what is the connection with sexual pleasure and breast feeding?
  3. If the female feels some kind of sexual pleasure while breast feeding, what is it similar to,

*is it   a substitution to the pleasure that a           female experiences inside her female                organ while in sex with a male?


*is it a substitution to the pleasure that          a male experiences through his male organ              when in sex with a woman?

  1. what kind of substitute pleasure may the infant feel when it sucks it`s mothers teats?

*Is it a substitution to the pleasure that a                 female experiences inside her female                     organ?

*Is it a substitution to the pleasure that a                 male experiences at the tip of his male                  organ?

  1. Do you know why people started giving hand to hand when they meet a visitor?
  2. Do you know why people started smiling when they meet someone?
  3. Do you know that fleeing nature of animals, laughter, giving hand to hand and sexual pleasure originated through the same emotional mood?
  4. Why do animals tend to run for life when there is a threat?
  5. If you lose fear what will happen to your laughter, sexuality, the fleeing nature, the mentality of slavery altogether?
  6. If you lose fear completely, will you run for your life?
  7. How did it become that the opposite of love is hatred?
  8. Is love selfish or generous?
  9. Why is it unable to bear when your partner fall in love with someone else?
  10. Is love normal or abnormal?
  11. What are the natural and abnormal ways of love and satisfaction?
  12. If someone happens to kneel before someone else,

*is it a character of a looter and character            of independence?

*a character of servility and ransom payer?

(As my theory could discover a very difficult mystery   in astrology, I happened to lead my theory through that path a very little distance.)

  1. What is astrology mostly developed on?
  2. What are the components of our environment that lead to form creatures and evolve them step by step.
  3. You will readily give me the answer, but how many of you will include the out side components except the sun light?
  4. Can the moon that make tide and ebb every day, not do any invisible waxing and waning pull at our cells of the body. When it happens daily does it not become a sufficient power to change the stagnant nature of the cell and push it towards     the evolution?
  5. Suppose that the earth gets poised for a short time between the sun and the Jupiter, then can the earth help the Jupiter to escape from the grip of the sun? In such a poised situation do the sun and the other planets pull only at the atom and components   of the earth from both the sides, paying pity on     our fragile body tissues?
  6. Haven`t the gravitational power and the magnetic power done any influence to human body and mind? You don`t want to accept or believe it, but if you want to know the truth make a survey and see the result. The science of statics is very helpful to       understand this.
  7. Whether you believe something or not what happens? Whether you believe in gravity or not if you jump up what will happen?
  8. It is true that Sir Newton found out that there is something called gravity. But before that were people not very careful when climbing heights? And did tailors not make clothe designs with the knowledge of gravity power in mind?
  9. It is true that Sir Albert Einstines discovered relativity? But before that, if lions and such other animals did not have that concept in their     mind, how could they catch running prey? How could    monkeys jump from tree to tree without getting their backbone broken?
  10. If a jumping monkey makes a mistake in calculating the velocity of the wind, the distance, the strength and the nature of the next branch, its body weight and it’s strength of the body, and    the nature and the strength of the supporting branch,         and some times the chasing speed of the enemy   behind relatively, what will happen to its    life?
  11. No one wants to accept or believe anything if you don`t like to. But if climbers are not careful while climbing What will happen?
  12. No lions or monkeys know or accept, nor can we make them believe the theory of relativity, but if they don`t get use of it can they survive easily?
  13. Whether you believe astrology or not you can`t stop the influence done to our body and mind by other planets with pull at our every cell with waxing and waning power of gravity daily, but if   you want to understand it, learn that subject correctly and carry out surveys. Then you can have about 80% correct vision about your future and other`s and you can be ready for it as there are remedies too.     But if you don`t apply it to your life it is          useless. In my life there are unpreventable or          remediless things in the future. In that case we    have to succumb to the destiny. As I have kept future reading records other`s can understand the     truth of it.

(following is my discovery on astrological mystery through my theory)

  1. Why is it unable to state the muscularity or femininity of the infant through astrology    precisely?
  2. Is it, that astrology can`t predict the muscularity or femininity correctly because it has no foundation or is it, that inability for some other reason?
  3. Is there any other theory in the world that would explain why astrology can`t predict the muscularity or the femininity of the infant           except my theory?

(But aren`t there any other method that would predict it?)

  1. Do you know how some of the eastern people select their partners?
  2. Would you like to find out your partner in that manner?
  3. According to astrology how can you find out a partner that would love you as his/her own life?
  4. According to astrology, how can you find out that the male or female organ of your future partner        small/big/short/long/ shallow/deep/lifeless/ active /very active/clean/dirty/healthy/sick?
  5. Suppose you are a girl as clean as a flower and you get a dirty husband, then what will happen, haven`t you heard of girls who had vomited just after mating? The same thing will apply to males    too.
  6. If you are sexually very active and you get a very inactive partner, what will happen to your dreams and dreamt peaceful family life?
  7. In the same way, if you are sexually very inactive and you get a very active fiancé / fiancée what will happen to your dignity?
  8. Are you with the knowledge that some people have had ill fame in the society after going to the relevant legal places for settlement because of such problems?
  9. What will be the problems if a marriage takes place between two partners who has a very big sex organ and who has a vey small sex organ? Have you heard of some people saying “The rope is short but the well is deep”?
  10. *Have you heard of some females who suffer from start of their marriage life to their natural death as they can`t tell their problems to any one else?

*Have you heard of some rare cases that females     been hospitalized while in honeymoon.

(This problem arises because of the high elasticity of the female organ       is only crosswise not lengthwise)

  1. Have you heard of some males with small male organs having had to take the help of their friends on the honey moon bed to protect his personality/and dignity in the society?
  2. Through only what kind of science of humans can people guess at least 80℅ correctly the following critical issues of marriage life?

If you marry a particular person—

*Will You prosper or decline in economy?

*Will you live with continuous conflicts/or             peaceful life?

*Will you get a satisfied sexual life?

*Will the partner love you very much?

*Will you be able to satisfy him/her sexually?

*Will the partner turn to illegal affairs?

*Will you have to face fatal accidents or death              because of his/her zodiac influence?

  1. According to astrology how can we predict the probability of having sexual transmitted diseases or other diseases?
  2. May your future partner have unpredictable sexual desires and abnormal sexual habits?
  3. If a patient dies due to the wrong diagnose of the doctor and his prescribed drug, then is it the science of medicine to blame?
  4. In the same way due to astrologer`s mistake if the client falls in to trouble whom or what is to blame?
  5. Having so many qualified doctors in the country, whom should we consult when we are sick, is it qualified doctors, farmers, carpenters, teachers or politicians.
  6. Having so many clever astrologers who are clever at telling the zodiac house of a particular person only looking at his or her shape of the face,             nature of hair, nature of teeth, height, nature of     speech and the way of walk; whom   should we              consult when there is a mysterious problem to a     some person, is it they or some other people who do only arguing without doing any experiments or    learning the subject correctly.
  7. Having doctors and medicine, why should we face untimely death?
  8. Having so many astrologers in the world, is it not better to consult them than not doing so when we have a mysterious problem in our lives?
  9. What should you do if you want to keep your partner for ever only for your self in loving condition?
  10. How can we find out if your wife or husband has a secret illegal sexual affair.
  11. How can you make your partner fed up of and stop it if he/she has a illegal affair.
  12. How did ancient people make their wife`s paramour`s male organ sink in to the body as a punishment.
  13. In the same way how did ancient women give punishment to their husband`s illegal wife?
  14. For the first time when you tried to express your calf love to your future partner, what were the    reactions in your body and mood?
  15. Why did it happen so?
  16. What are the sexual and or nuptial customs and habits in various countries.
  17. Should brides and bride grooms follow an educational course on marriage life or not before the marriage?
  18. As a girl when you start an affair with a boy; how can you give him a training before marriage, is it by letting him start sex with you soon curbing out the compel of having sex with other females or refusing him sex with you for years until he     becomes too impatient to have first experience          from some one else and get a good training from married women or prostitutes?
  19. Out of the two options above what option takes place more than 99℅.
  20. How can you protect your future partner from drug addiction; is it by offering him sex with you and help him control his mind naturally curbing out the     chance of letting him think of artificial ways of    soothing his youthful turbulent body needs or     leading him to take advice from some one.
  21. Is the child marriage system beneficial or hostile to the existence of sex born animals?
  22. Does it support or against to the abnormal sexual habits?
  23. What kind of sexual practice may be beneficial to the existence of the sex born animals, is it natural sex practice or abnormal sexual practice forced to engaged in for adolescents, unmarried    people, divorcees and people with conflicts at home     front, by most of the social                institutions and such loving people?
  24. Only what kind of sexual practice generate offspring?
  25. Whose sexual ability was born first,

*is it males,



  1. What is likely to vanish first, is it males` sexual ability or females` sexual ability?
  2. Now who is deteriorating in the sexual ability first,

*is it males`



  1. Do the present religions, cultures, ethics and things considered as social stigma influence the sex and birth beneficial way or hostile way?
  2. Was there any satisfactory theory on the mystery of sex and birth so far?
  3. Has any one of the present religions given a hint on the mystery of sex and birth?
  4. If it is so, what is it?
  5. On the journey towards the god/eternity, or space colonies will the sexuality vanish/ameliorate/or     get modified according to ethics?
  6. Are there religions among human cultures that will wipe out sexuality completely?

267.If you are fed up of sexual life what should you     do?

  1. Is beauty,




  1. How many dimensions are there in beauty?
  2. Is love,




271.Is mother`s love,




272.Is mother`s love,

*inside the three dimensions


*out side of it?

273.Is god`s love similar to mother`s love?

  1. How many dimensions are there in love?
  2. What are the dimensions that the sexual life has?
  3. Is it inside a real vision or inside the three dimensional fraud that you can experience something through any one of your sensory organs and enjoy it?
  4. Scientist Desmond Morris has stated that former stereotyped things or bio data can`t be erased by later loaded thing on genes. Is that utterance true in the three dimensions or in all the dimensions   related to matter?
  5. 278.If we come out of three dimensional vision and train our mind to see through other dimensions too    what will happen to our fear, fleeing mentality,       the sexual life, laughter, some of our knowledge,        some of our attitudes, some of our concepts and some of our behavioral patterns and other emotional moods which had developed inside the three     dimensional vision?
  1. Therefore if we lose above things through sand paper or format meditation once, can we regain it by training our mind to the former stage?
  2. What are the problems that may be faced by a person who has formatted his/her soul?
  3. What may get formatted through such meditation, is it vital common data that help the person to stay alive or data that affect personality, behavioral pattern and emotions.
  4. If we take genes from a person who has formatted soul and have offspring, will the members of that generation be normal people or abnormal people?
  5. If we let all the sex born animals go to extinction then, will all of us; and if some one get his or her soul formatted, then to that relevant person alone; not have to come to the present stage of evolution from the very beginning of the birth of sex through every harsh battle field of evolution for millions of years?
  6. We are creatures of matter. So, can any one exist without matter?
  7. In the same way, can any one be born by him or her self?
  8. Though all of us are creatures of matter, are made of chemicals and we produce a lot of chemicals,        So, animals are called chemical factories.
  9. Are basic matter and chemicals simultaneous or are chemicals behind at least in one step and one second in time?
  10. Though basic matter may be eternal, can chemicals be eternal?
  11. If we can put something in one step behind, in to the eternal category, why can`t we put something in two step behind in to the eternal category? In that     manner we should be able to put something that will   happen tomorrow too in to the eternal category.
  12. So, can chemical creatures be put in to the eternal category?
  13. Therefore, where the present day animals were,

*in the gap between the   basic matter and the          start of chemicals,


*During the time gap between matter and     chemicals?


*Where were the oneness, personality and the    soul the creatures have now?

  1. If chemicals could once produce unprecedented creatures without the support of the them, why can`t they produce us again, though we let sex born    animals including humans erase from the world    completely or if some one erase one`s soul through sand paper meditation him self?

293.If such a thing   happens will nature generate others except us as we have had chance of being in the world once. I don`t want you to accept what I  say, but take time and think over it.

The above questions have some relevance to sex and birth.

*I have made a small instrument to prove my theory. It is built on the principal of my theory. It can erect the male organ at any time, any place, any number of times, until you are 90 years of age or you stay alive.

*It also has the strength of giving nice shape to thin breast and thin buttock of females. Remember it can shape and motivate only original, dormant, substituted male organs that were born through vacuum medium and also nonrelated male organs.

*But it also can`t motivate primary and secondary female organs that were     born as vacuum tools and nonrelated substituted female organs.

*If you can`t accept my theory please make a tool for your self and see the results and start arguments.

*The way of making that instrument is in my article. You can easily make one such instrument and see the result. Sometimes it has so many good results because of some other reasons. I made to prove my theory. So please don`t use it for other purposes.

*How to make such an instrument is stated in the article which supplies answers to the above questions.

☼ But As my theory hasn`t had a universal recognition yet, you have an ample opportunity to forward better theories and enter the following competition. There are possibilities of building many theories on this subject. As there are so many scientists, professors, intelligent people and many other educated people in the world, you can take limitless support from them too. So, don`t fear. Be determined. If your theory does not get selected, no harm will happen to you. So, try to bring honor to your country, town/village/school and family by participating this competition.


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8. All of your acceptable theories will have

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10. I have sent a short copy of my theory with answers   to 50 embassies in Sri Lanka. And also I have     answers to all the questions raised in the   questionnaire. So, your answers to my questions    should not be the same as mine.

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*What kind will my future wife/husband be?

*Will I have a wife/husband with good sexual    character?

*How can I find out my partner`s illegal affairs if there is any?

*How can I keep my partner to my self in loving  condition.


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