Sex and birth theory
The savage origin of pleasant love (The latest discovery)
The birth of sex and reproduction and its destiny
(Let`s look at the world removing all blinds)
By Gunarathna G.A.G.
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There are many discoveries in the world by now. But some of the discoveries had become completely controversial to the beliefs in those ages. As a result of that the ones who had done those discoveries were subjected to insult, harsh utterances, torture, ill fame, imprisonment both in the lunatic asylum and the prison and capital punishment.

    The discovery I have made is the most controversial of all the discoveries that have been made so far and ever to be made in the future. And also it is a type of discovery which is related to all the sex born animals including man and affective to all human beliefs, social, cultural and religious back ground. Therefore, I can`t expect anything better suffered by the unfortunate scientists.

    I didn`t build this theory. But it built it self step by step over a period of 15 years with the facts I gathered. I did only fitting facts together. I`m sure If you had had the facts I had You could have built this theory it self within one or two years.

I think you didn`t have the chance of collecting information that I had as you are not so unfortunate as to be subjected to insult that I may have to wait for.

But forgetting such harsh utterances, I determined to forward this theory to the world in hope of rescuing the sex born animals from their destiny with the help of the literate.

I try to keep the sex born animals without going to extinction not because of I like the eternal human problems that are not prevailing on unmanned planets, but if the sex born animals get lost from the world, the mother nature will drag us all again from the very start of the evolution of sex through various stages of it, over a period of millions of years along the very gruesome path of innumerable painful experience to the present stage of evolution where we are now.

As I have seen the grievances suffered by creatures through my theory, no one should be ready to experience such harsh suffering again.

Such unbearably painful past experiences have embedded in the genes of everyone. If you are so clever as to tap such experience, you can do it through parapsychology, parazoology or through supper human powers like Edgar keisy had practised.

But as most of us are not so cute, we have to understand it by looking at animal suffering in the lawless forest.

Though I forward you what I see through my theory, I can`t change the destiny of the sex born animals alone without the help of the majority. Therefore I present this theory to you. Perhaps educated contemporaries of me may not like this theory. But if the majority read talk, discuss and criticize this, it will be very helpful to build a social norm about the theory. Sometimes a spontaneous scornful smile may appear at the end of lips of some people as they are very clever at building any theory to solve any un understandable mystery. I think those are the people that should be consulted to build a new theory if my theory is wrong.

In some educational exhibitions there are chambers or programmes to educate people on sexual transmitted diseases. Those medical people carry out such programmes not as they love such things but protect people from diseases.

In the same manner, the doctors in the maternity homes have to deal with the secret place of the wives of other people not as they love to do so but to save the lives of both the mother and the baby.

I too have forwarded a questionnaire as the pre introduction of my theory.

In the point of view of our cultures, you will see that questionnaire and the related article like a stream of dirty water that runs through a public swage system.

But I am unable to forward my theory without such an introductory questionnaire.

I had to introduce my theory to you to show you the illusion we are in and show the truth in true nature and with the intention of saving the sex born animal kind from their untimely death.

So, if my theory is false break it and forward the real one. Because we can`t reject or ignore the truth.

    If we compare the period of sex born time range to one year, the age of human culture is less than a few minutes.

We don`t see the steps of robot manufacture as a filthy work or some task that should be done in a hidden place. The robots too see the every stage of sex born animal production in a similar manner. The difference has been made by our cultures. So, to see some thing in that affected manner is looking at some thing through curtains. Then we can`t see the real nature of anything. So, thinking your self as a robot start reading this article which shows you the preventable destiny of the sex born animals. If not various frames that have blinded us from seeing the real world, will prevent you getting at the message I mean to give you and compel you to attack me when you see the theory through such dark tinted glasses.

This theory is open to all over 15 years of age. Therefore you can talk, discuss, forward ideas, argue and criticize. Not only you have the right and the duty of doing so but also the right of forwarding better theories on the subject. If some one finds the real theory, it will be the greatest strength to the future journey of humans.And also it will be the monitoring light of the human race.

Every educated person in the world is in the belief that knowing the history of a particular country is very helpful to the development of that country. But no one talks of the importance of knowing or exploring the origin of sexual birth system that humans too belong.

Not only that some people who haven`t good knowledge in any field talk, discuss, argue and preach that sexual activities should be held within strong religious, cultural, ethical and legal frame and the culprits should be punished. Have those preaching people done so, when they were in their youth. Or are they ready to prove their chastity if demanded. Is it correct to curb the ways of mother without knowing the origin of it and the may be bad effects of it, if monitored by none agents of creator.

The biggest obstruct to carry out such experiments or surveys in our country is our culture. That section is prohibited in our country. The word Sex is a banned word. An unmarried person who doesn`t like abnormal sexual pleasure, having sex with a similar person in the opposite sex or going to a prostitute is a sin. Most idiots think that only the married people have the right of having sex and unmarried people, divorcees, people who have broken away from their male or female partners though they are not divorced yet, have no right of getting their feelings satisfied. Is it abnormal sexuality that they should engaged in according to the preachers` favorite game.

Most people are in the assumption that nature has granted us sexuality for the reproduction activity and sexual pleasure is a fee to motivate us for it.

They are hundred percent sure of it, and haven`t any sort of doubt of it. But I began to doubt it when my family life started becoming upset. After that I commenced looking at sex and birth through various angles.

As I understood, every sex born animal likes to have more privilege to him/or ser self on sex related matters but is full of jealousy to grant that privilege to his or her partner. Most of the marriages in the world get broken due to the fact that either one of the couple enjoys more privilege than the other and refuses the other the same privilege.

Even among dogs and other animals we can see the same jealousy leading them to fight among themselves forgetting their team spirit. No animal including man, even the ones that have no chance of engaging in such activities due to religious or cultural matters or ones who are too weak in sexual strength due to various facts or old age, except a very few with supper brain powers who do sand paper meditation honestly or some who engage in laborious educational work or scientific experiments, can escape or suppress that jealousy.

So, why do animals become jealous, if sexuality is for reproduction activity.

Among humans various sexual activities that don`t support reproduction take place. Some people engage in natural sexual activities curbing reproduction. If sexuality originated for reproduction how can it be.

There are many well educated people in our country. But they did not start exploring this section as they know better than I do that they would be treated with generous quantity of mocking, blames and insults if they did so.

Most of the scientists were people who had spent family life too. But to err or to be precise, they too did not forward a theory due to religious background, might be ill fame in the society and as they too did not have enough interest in it.

Now let`s go to the topic directly. I have collected a lot of facts to prove my theory. But here I point out only a few to you. First the following questionnaire will give you a glimpse of my theory. Please remove all your blinds and see the theory through your intelligence.